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Online Doctor Consultation in Thane

Thane, also known as the city of lakes and a metropolitan city of Maharashtra. With a population of 2,046,814, it is one of the most populous cities in India, according to census 2021. Thane being the neighbour of the Mumbai suburbs, it also contributes to the economic growth of Mumbai. 

New business setups and multiple job opportunities attract people from other parts of Mumbai and India too. Being a metropolitan city, after Mumbai, Thane is considered to be the next best choice for any big or small companies to setup their headquarters and offices. From telecommunication, real estate companies to healthcare or pharmaceutical companies, all are located in thane providing services.

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With the increased number of population, there comes a definite possibility of having a scarcity of resources, especially in healthcare sector. According to a report, the doctor patient ratio in Maharashtra (including Mumbai and Thane) is relatively very low, compared to other states of India. To fill the gap between available resource and increased requirement, Teleconsultation or online doctor consultation platforms in Thane are emerging as a solution.

What does Teleconsultation mean?

Teleconsultation, better known as online doctor consultation, refers to remote interaction between doctor-and-patient. Patients can connect with doctors via call, text or video chat and discuss their health related issue and get answer to their concerns instantly.  

Is Teleconsultation and Telemedicine same?

Both Telemedicine and Teleconsultation in thane are application synched with telecommunication networks connecting patients and healthcare professional and eliminating geographic or distance barriers for better reach of healthcare services.
While Teleconsultation platforms are majorly focused on interaction between a patient with doctor or a healthcare provider using electronic and communication technologies; Telemedicine along with online doctor consultation opens a broader range of other services like patient’s medical information storing and management, delivery of prescription, home lab tests and reports, etc., on a single platform.  
Are online doctor visits good?
Online doctor consultation is as effective and reliable as visiting a doctor in-person.

Consulting doctors online offers you much more customized care and experience from the comfort of your home. From general health-related concerns to specialized counselling, doctors can connect with you instantly at your convenient time, understand your issues better and provide solutions to it. 

Top doctor like Dr. Amol Gosavi, Dr. Susan Chako etc, from Thane are available on online doctor consultation providing solutions to your healthcare concerns.  

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What can an online doctor consultation treat? 

Online doctors are same as in-person doctors. You can get solutions to all your health issues and treatment-related concerns. Some of the most common symptoms for which online doctor consultation is preferred: 

1. For viral symptoms like cold and flu, fever, weakness 
2. For any major symptoms like high blood pressure, diabetes 
3. For any health and lifestyle related concerns like weight management, diet 

Also, even though it is not recommended seeking online doctor consultation in case of emergency or life-threatening situations, but in cases where in-person healthcare help is not available or is not accessible, online doctors can be the saviour.

How do I use online doctor consultation platform as a patient?

Online doctor consultation platforms are meant to provide convenience, especially, in areas of thane districts where literacy rate is low or average elderly population is high. Online doctor Appointment in thane is providing access to best healthcare services through easy-to-use platform.

To use the platform as a patient for booking an online doctor consultation, you first need to sign-up on the platform, browse the network to find the best doctor that matches your need, and book your appointment as per your convenient time. Doctors will connect with you on the platform for consultation.

How does online doctor consultation appointment work?

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On the platform, once you have booked your appointment slot for consultation, you can relax. The platform checks the availability of doctor and notifies them about your booking. Before the appointment time you will be notified via SMS or email. Doctor will connect with you virtually on the platform at the given time for online consultation.

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How to find best online doctor consultation in Thane?

With multiple online doctor consultation platforms being introduced in market every day, it is necessary to understand your requirement first to find best online doctor consultation fulfilling your needs.

You can follow the following steps, to choose right online consultation platform:

Understand your health concern

Find the right speciality of doctor that can help you with your concern

Check the experience of doctor along with qualification and degrees

Check the ease of using online consultation

Platform providing best consultation fee

Reviews and feedback from other patients

Check whether platform complies with HIPAA, to keep your medical information safe and secure

Check the available slots for consultation to book the convenient one for me.

Good internet connection is also required to consult a doctor online hassle-free. Any issue or slow internet connection can be a hindrance to good online consultation experience.

Not all health insurance plans cover online consultation and treatment fees. Though with current changes in healthcare guidelines, healthcare insurance plans are covering online doctor consultation expenses. You need to check your plan terms and condition to claim the bill.

Access best online doctor consultation in thane 
Healwell24, an online doctor consultation platform in Thane (Mumbai) gives you access to explore the best healthcare services and experts to match your needs. From consulting a general physician to getting your prescription delivered at your door-step, lifestyle and healthcare consultation to chronic disease management and counselling, Healwell24 healthcare service covers it all.

What are the limitations of an online doctor consultation platform?

Online doctor consultation platforms require the use of technology like computer, phones etc., to access the platform and use the service.