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Online doctor consultation in Navi Mumbai 

Navi Mumbai, the largest planned city in the world, situated on the mainland of western India, Konkan division of Maharashtra. Navi Mumbai is spread across 162 square km, divided into North and South Navi Mumbai. Majorly, southern parts of Thane Taluka (From Thane district) and parts of Panvel and Uran Taluka (Raigad district), is covered under Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai is home to various multinational corporations like Accenture, Reliance, Larsen & toubro, etc., educational institutes and best healthcare bodies like Fortis hospital in Vashi, Apollo hospital in belapur, etc.

The population of Navi Mumbai has increased from 1,120,547 in 2011 to 1,245,488, as indicated in Indian census 2021. With increased population and limited resources, there comes a gap between the demand and supply. Navi Mumbai has approximately 11 physicians and 0.7 dentists available per 10000 patients. Estimates about other healthcare services status like Hospital beds and pathology lab workers available per 10000 patients are 33.5 and 1.9, respectively.   

To cater the increased demand of healthcare services, Telehealth or online doctor consultation platforms in Navi Mumbai are introduced in healthcare system as a digital solution.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a platform that is meant to deliver health and health-related services involving medical care, patient education, health and self-care related information via, electronic telecommunication and digital technologies.   

What services are covered under Telehealth?

Telehealth platform includes complete healthcare services like:

Online doctor consultation

Lab tests

Physiotherapy exercise sessions and counselling 

 Mental health therapy and counselling

Diet and lifestyle related solutions

Chronic disease management

How is online doctor consultation service provided on Telehealth platforms?

Telehealth or online consultation platforms provide healthcare services based on:

The mode of communication: This involves online doctor consultation via Video chat; Audio/In-call; Text based i.e., SMS, Web chat platforms; Asynchronous i.e., email or fax.

Timing of information transmitted: This involves real time interaction with registered medical practitioners via video or audio for exchange of information related to diagnosis, 

treatment or counselling; asynchronous exchange of patient information i.e., sharing summarized report of patient’s complaint, diagnosis, supplementary data of other investigations among various doctors at a time, which can be accessed by doctors later as per the convenience and need.

The purpose of consultation: This involves patients either consulting doctor or health care providers for the diagnosis, treatment or counselling; or for follow-up with the same doctor for the on-going treatment.

Is the Telehealth platform with an online doctor consulting app free?

Accessing Telehealth platform and its services are free, but there are charges to use the services like lab test booking, every lab test has different charges; for online consultation doctor or therapist charges vary depending upon the speciality.

Various Telehealth platforms offer various free welcome coupons or seasonal discount offers to avail while booking available services on their platform.

Which virtual doctor is best online doctor consultation in Navi Mumbai?

Virtual doctors are nothing but online doctors providing consultation. Telehealth platform provides you access to various range of specialized doctors. Top doctors like Dr. Nitin D. Tawate (Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeon), Dr. Nitin Kumar (General physician), etc are available at Healwell24 online doctor consultation platform in Navi Mumbai. Depending on your symptom and needs, you can choose the right healthcare expert to experience the best virtual doctor consultation.

How do I prepare for an online doctor consultation visit?

To attain the maximum benefit from online doctor consultation visit, make sure to follow the following steps:

Choose the  right healthcare specialist or doctor as per your condition

Book your appointment at your convenient time

Write down the issues you want to discuss during consultation with doctor

Keep your medical record handy 

Check your internet connectivity and device, to avoid any interruption during the consultation

Find a comfortable place, noise free to avoid disturbance during counselling

Open up about your health concerns with a physician online and in case you need support during the call let someone be available to help you. 

Is online doctor consultation and treatment covered under an insurance plan?

Not all health insurance covers the cost of telemedicine or online doctor consultation. As compared to in-clinic doctor consultation, insurance coverage for online consultation is comparatively less.

Though, with recent development in the healthcare sector and increase in demand for online consultation platform usage, multiple organizations have started covering the cost of online consultation as well.

How much does it cost to see an online doctor in Navi Mumbai?

The cost for online doctor consultation is less compared to in-clinic doctor consultation. 

Visiting a doctor in-clinic will involve doctor’s fee along with travelling charges, while online doctor consultation platform can be assessed from anywhere; thus, saving cost of travelling and time making it a more economical option than visiting in-clinic doctor for consultation. 

Is online doctor consultation illegal?


With advancement in healthcare sector, and to fulfil the need for quality health care in both rural and urban areas, Telehealth platforms have emerged as solutions transforming overall Indian healthcare system. Though with some restrictions related to online prescription and complying with HIPAA guidelines, doctors can practice online legally over the platform.

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