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Online Doctor Consultation in Mumbai

Mumbai is a financial and commercial capital of India. The city is a hub for businesses like telecommunication, real estate, tourism, sports and entertainment; hence it is reasonably called as the economic capital of India. Mumbai’s wide business opportunities fascinate people across India to migrate, making Mumbai a place with a diverse culture. 

with a population of more than 20 million, Mumbai becomes the second most populous city of India and seventh most-populous in the world. And with a large population there come chances of scarcity of resources, especially in healthcare and services. 
According to a report, Mumbai has a ratio of approx. 1 doctor per 2000 people, and the current civic healthcare setup can cater only 1/6th of Mumbai’s population. To bridge the gap in demand and supply of healthcare services, Telemedicine platform has emerged as an innovative digital solution for it. 
What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine, also known as Telehealth care platform that remotely delivers healthcare services involving online doctor consultation and examination via telecommunication. 
 It enables patients seeking general health check-ups to specialized healthcare to connect with doctors directly via online doctor consultation, especially in cities like Mumbai, where people are health conscious but are unable to visit a doctor for their health concerns frequently. 
How does online doctor’s consultation work?
With the increase in demand for specialized healthcare service, online doctor consultation in Mumbai is proving to be a boon for Mumbaikars. 
Online doctor consultation platform enables patients to connect with doctors directly via video chat or on-call option. Patients who are seeking healthcare services, but due to their busy schedule or traveling issues are unable to get the right care can now connect with specialized doctors remotely and also get healthcare services delivered to their door-step.
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Is online doctor consultation effective? 
It is as effective and efficient as meeting your doctor in-person. 

Cities like Mumbai, where people are unable to provide enough care to their health because of their busy schedule, online doctor consultation platform provides customized experience. You can connect with doctors from the comfort of your home, at your convenient time.  
Doctors are able to give you proper attention and empathize with your issues, helping you with a proper set of solutions and treatment. 

What conditions can online doctor consultation are approached?

In Mumbai, online doctor consultations are majorly approached for:

1. Mental health counseling and treatment

2. General health-related issue and concerns

3. Specialized consultation for chronic or acute conditions

4. Seeking second opinion for on-going treatment    

5. Chronic disease management like diabetes, etc 

6. Nutrition and lifestyle related concerns 

What are the common ailments that are treated by online doctors?
According to a survey done in 2013, 83% of diseases acquired by Mumbaikars are water-borne, like diarrhea, high fever, etc. Also, because of their busy lifestyle and unhealthy habits, they are prone to acquire metabolic-related diseases like diabetes.  

The most commonly treated conditions by online doctor consultation include:

1. Cold and Flu

2. High blood pressure

3. Diabetes

4. Sinus infection

5. Headaches

6. Skin related issues


Thyroid disorders

Sexual health related concerns

Urinary tract infection

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Can we approach online doctor consultation in case of emergency? 


In case of emergency or life-threatening situations online doctor consultation is not recommended. In all emergency cases, in-person interaction with doctors or healthcare providers at the earliest is advised.

Though, in cases where alternative or in-person care is not available, telemedicine platforms or online doctor consultation can be used as the only way to provide timely care. 

What can online doctors NOT do?

There are situations in which online doctors cannot help and seeing a doctor in person becomes mandatory, like:

Incidences which requires MRI, CT Scan, sonography or other imaging  

When a fracture is suspected and requires X-ray

Getting prescription of controlled drugs

In case of complicated health related cases which requires physical check up 

Also, in case a patient’s condition requires prescribing Schedule X drugs or Narcotics drugs like morphine, codeine etc.; or even in case of prescription refilling, medical practitioners are restricted to prescribe online.

What are the common online prescriptions that online doctors can prescribe?

Common online prescriptions that doctors can write are:  

Over-the-counter drugs like paracetamol, oral rehydration solution (ORS) packets, antacids etc.

Medications that can be prescribed during video consultation like antifungal medication for fungal infection, ciprofloxacin eye drop for conjunctivitis etc. 

Refill of medications for chronic disease management like diabetes, hypertension etc.

Add-on medication to existing prescriptions for on-going medical conditions.

Are there any disadvantages of online doctor consultation?


The disadvantages are:

1. Technology and internet issue: Even using online doctor consultation in Mumbai can be troublesome. Online platforms require good internet and access to computers or mobile phones. In case of any issue with the internet, you will not be able to connect with doctors or avail other services.  

2. Health insurance coverage issue: Your health insurance plans may not cover your online consultation medical bill. Though with current updates in healthcare guidelines some healthcare insurance plans are covering online consultation bill, you need to check your health insurance terms and condition too claim the bill.

Do online doctor platforms save patient’s information? Is it safe?

Yes, the interaction between patient-healthcare providers or patient’s details related to diagnosis, medical reports and on-going medication is saved on telemedicine or online doctor consultation platforms. 

As both online consultation platform and doctors on the platform comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), to secure patient’s sensitive information confidential, the patient’s data saved on the platform is safe and can referred at any point of time by doctors and healthcare experts for future consultation and assistance. 

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