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Lab test at home in thane

Thane, one of the most flawlessly balanced metropolitan cities of India. Both its natural beauty and rapid industrial developments leading to increase in the scope of opportunities make Thane the best place for people to live. 

After Mumbai, Thane being the suburb part is considered to be the best centre for business opportunities. Multiple renowned industrial to healthcare bodies are available in Thane catering the needs of Thanekars. 

Renowned hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and multiple diagnostic centres are available in Thane to provide better healthcare facilities and care to healthcare nerds in Thane. Multiple diagnostic centres and pathology labs are aptly providing assistance to healthcare experts, doctors to investigate and initiate the treatment for a patient’s symptoms. Thane has around 70 NABL accredited diagnostic labs assuring both quality and accuracy of test results.

With current digital up-gradation in the Indian healthcare sector, along with doctor consultation and other healthcare services, lab test at home services in Thane are booming. Various diagnostic laboratories, pathology labs, hospitals, etc., are offering healthcare both in-clinic and lab test at-home in Thane.

How does lab test at-home in Thane work?

Multiple diagnostic and pathology laboratories available in Thane are providing lab test at home service. Booking your lab test requires you to find whether the centres have an online platform to book, or you can also directly connect via phone to book. You can choose your convenient slot from reliable diagnostic centres for a lab test at-home. 

Sample for the booked lab tests will be collected by certified technicians and phlebotomists from your convenient place and safely delivered to laboratories for testing. Tests to produce a result depend on the type of test that is being carried out.

Is a doctor’s prescription needed to book a lab test at-home?

Not for basic tests to determine your health status.
For any medical condition requiring diagnostic test result to understand the underlying cause and initiate treatment, doctors prescribe lab test. Also, for chronic disease management like diabetes that requires continues check on blood glucose level and getting lab tests done on a regular basis becomes mandatory, these types of tests do not require a doctor’s prescription to book a lab test at-home. 

With people becoming more vigilant towards their health concerns and availability of easily accessible healthcare services, getting a lab test done to at least keep a regular check on their health status is becoming common among healthcare nerds.  

How do I schedule my prescribed tests from lab test at-home in Thane?

Once the doctor prescribes a lab test, you can either visit a diagnostic or pathology lab, or choose a reliable lab test at home service provider around your locality to get your lab test done. You can either directly call the laboratory customer care or visit their online platforms to book your desired test.

Many diagnostic centres providing lab tests at home in thane have easy to use online platforms or apps to book your slot for a lab test at home. You can just login to the platform; add in your basic details, select from the lab tests as per your need and convenient time slot to complete your lab test booking.  

How are the samples collected for lab-test at home?

Lab test at-home focuses on providing services as per your comfort. Once you choose and book your slot for the lab test, you can rest assured; the rest will be taken care of by the service provider.

For sample collection, you just need to follow in case any specific instruction is provided based on your test, for example, 8-10 hours of fasting is indicated for a blood test done for glucose monitoring; similarly, for blood cholesterol test up to 12 hours of fasting is recommended to get accurate results. Also, some lab tests, like the haemoglobin test or thyroid test, do not require any fasting or have any specific instruction for sample collection. 

Trained and certified technician or phlebotomist will visit your place to collect sample for testing. Samples collected will be stored in a favourable condition and delivered directly to the testing centre, skipping any probability of infection or contamination.

How long does it take to get test results?

It completely depends up on the test you have opted for and, secondly, the efficiency of the lab to deliver the result. Generally, common blood test results are produced within 10-12 hours but some lab tests do take more than 24hours to get accurate result.
Usually, lab test at-home provides lab test results in 24 hours.

Does a lab test at-home provide accurate results?

Results provided by a lab test at home service provider are as reliable and accurate as getting results from in-clinic diagnostic centres. Advantages like no risk of contamination, quick sample delivery to the labs, etc., are considered to be an add-on factor for lab test at-home service to produce accurate result.

Though, how well the pre-test instructions are followed also may affect the accuracy of lab test result.

Is getting a lab test at home costly?

It completely depends on the test that is prescribed or on the diagnostic centres that are providing lab test at home service. General lab test, full body check-up test, etc are available comparatively at low-cost than visiting in-clinic labs and getting the test done.

You also get convenience of booking and paying your lab test bills online. Multiple platforms provide option of booking your test and paying your lab test bill via, online traction or you can also pay in cash.

How do I receive my lab test reports?

Once your sample is collected and delivered to the testing centre, it usually takes 10-24 hours to produce test result. Your test results are usually sent to you via email to your registered mail id or in case the lab test provider’s online platform has a feature of downloading the test results, you can then download it for your reference or for further doctor consultation.

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