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Lab Test in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai, also known as planned city is a perfect epitome of how planned living makes life easier. Unlike other cities, Navi Mumbai is designed to fulfil an individual’s complete need, from best infrastructure and facilities, new start-up opportunities, educational institutes to best healthcare facilities.


When it comes to delivering best health care services in Navi Mumbai, multiple renowned hospitals like forties, Apollo, D.Y.Patil etc., are established in various areas to cater the individuals seeking solutions to their health concerns. Apart from hospitals, multiple Telehealth platforms are also readily providing various healthcare services  like online doctor consultation, home health care, preventive care assistance, chronic disease management, lab tests at home, etc.

As diagnostic test results play a vital role in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, the option of lab test at home services are being majorly preferred by individuals with health concerns. Multiple Telehealth platforms and diagnostic centres are providing lab tests at-home in Navi Mumbai.  


Lab test at home services in Navi Mumbai comes with various advantages and convenience for both healthcare experts as well as healthcare seekers.

Some of the advantages of lab tests at home are:

  1. Regular Testing:- You may keep track of your glucose or sugar levels on a regular basis with lab tests at home service.

  1. No more waiting time:- You can get a lab test done from the convenience of your own home. You can avoid standing in huge lines for tests and then waiting for the results. 

  1. Online transaction:- Online platforms that provide lab testing at home also have an online transaction function, which means you may avoid standing in long lines to pay your expenses. You can use a digital transaction to book and pay your bills. 

  1. Hassle-free process:- You can select and schedule your lab tests in a few simple steps thanks to the availability of different lab test providers on the market. 

  1. Accurate results:- Some tests can be performed without the need of a laboratory. Pregnancy test kits offered at pharmacies, for example, can provide accurate results in the case of pregnancy.  

  1. No hygiene-related concern:- Visiting a diagnostic centre or hospital for lab tests comes with the risk of contracting an illness from the surroundings or from the instruments used during the testing. Because your samples are gathered from a convenient location, the lab test at home service reduces hygiene concerns. 

  1. Cost-effective:- The lab test at home alternative is cost-effective due to a variety of health kits accessible in local pharmacies, such as pregnancy-test kits, sugar or cholesterol level checking gadgets, and substantial discounts on lab tests available on various healthcare platforms.


    What is the purpose of laboratory tests?

  2. Your gender, age, and ethnicity.

  3. What you eat and drink are important factors to consider.

  4. Medications you are taking

  5. How obediently you followed the pre-test directions