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Lab test at home in Mumbai

Diagnostic services have emerged as one of the fastest-growing services in India, especially diagnostic or lab at-home services.  Mumbai being the hub for new technologies has well adapted the idea of diagnostic services on digital platforms. 

Diagnostic test or better known as lab test has been playing a crucial part in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. More than 70% of doctors’ diagnosis decision depends on the lab test results. Better diagnosis of underlying diseases enables access to early treatment leading to improved outcomes. Lab test reports also play a key factor in keeping a check on the status of treatment outcome as well as ruling out any scope of side-effects or reactions that may worsen the current medical condition or introduce a new condition. 
Lab tests at home have been part of the Indian healthcare system for long, but the service was not digital. Back then in case you want to get your diagnostic tests done you either need to visit the diagnostic laboratories or clinics for sample collection or in case you are a regular visitor of any specific diagnostic clinic or the labs available in your nearby area, you could call them up for getting sample collected from home for lab tests. But for those who have very limited access to healthcare services, they had to travel all the way to get the tests done and then wait for results. Getting lab tests done was as tough as getting doctor consultation.

Due to the increased demand for diagnostic labs, multiple labs have opened up in providing the diagnostic services, but still the question lies in quality. According to a study 2020, only 1% of total diagnostic centres available in India are NABL accredited and Mumbai comes in the top 3 major cities having a higher number of NABL Accredited labs.

Telehealth platforms providing lab test at home service in Mumbai are influencing Mumbaikars to a greater extent. The ease of using the platform, booking a lab test from reliable NABL accredited labs, sample collection from home, etc., are some of the attractive features that are adding value to Mumbaikar’s busy schedule or to people who are unable to travel. 

How does lab test at-home services in Mumbai work?

Getting a lab test at-home service for Mumbaikars or any metro city individuals also means not wasting their time traveling to the clinic, labs, or hospitals for the tests. Along with it, the convenience of not waiting for the reports to generate and again visiting the clinic to collect it.

To avail the lab test at-home service, individuals just have to visit the online platforms or clinic’s website providing the service, choose the desired or prescribed tests from the list of tests available, choose the time slot and the payment mode and book the test by filling up the details or address you wish to get the samples to be collected from.

Platforms like Healwell24 are providing booking search engines to easily book your lab test at-home service in Mumbai.  

What are the most common lab tests in Mumbai?

Mumbai being the habitat of over 22 million people and one of the densely populated cities in India. Along with different cultures and technology, it also showcases different medical requirements and health concerns.

Some of the top common lab tests being offered and book by lab test at-home in Mumbai service providers are:
1. Complete Blood Count: Also known as CBC Test. It counts the different types and amounts of blood cells, such as red and white blood cells, as well as platelets. This test is used to evaluate nutritional status, screen for diseases, and determine general health status. It can assist diagnose illnesses like anemia, leukemia, malaria, and infection by evaluating symptoms like weakness, exhaustion, and bruises.
2. Basic Metabolic Panel: This test determines blood sugar levels, electrolyte, and fluid balance, and kidney function by measuring glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine. The Basic Metabolic Panel can assist your doctor monitor the effects of medications you're taking, such as blood pressure medications, identifying disorders, or be used as part of a routine health screening. Before this test, you may need to fast for up to 12 hours.
3. Lipid Panel: Is a collection of tests that are used to assess cardiac risk. Cholesterol and triglyceride values are included.
4. Liver Panel: Is a collection of tests that are used to evaluate liver function and rule out the presence of liver cancers.
5. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is a hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland. The thyroid function is checked and monitored with this test.

How do I schedule these tests?
Scheduling lab test at home with available online platforms and apps have made it easier. You just need to find the labs providing the lab tests you want to get done and book your appointment. 

But before you choose and book your tests with any labs, you need to take care of the following things:
1. Check whether the lab is NABL accredited.
2. Do not request for tests you do not require.
3. Determine the test you require or consult with a pathologist to determine the best course of action.
4. Before you get the test done, double-check the sample.
5. Before you get the test done, make sure you are aware of the costs.
6. Choose a lab where the authorized signatory is a physician with an MD degree in pathology, biochemistry, or a related field.

Where can I get tested?
Lab test at-home services let you get your tests carried out with traveling to the hospital or clinic. You can book your test and get it done from the comfort of your home, office, or even from any remote area.

How is the sample collected for lab tests at home?
Booking a slot for lab tests at home has become easier. Once a patient schedules a test, trained professionals/phlebotomist arrives at the scheduled time to collect the desired sample for the test.
To process the sample for testing, NABL certified partnered labs receive the sample. Accurate reports are generated and sent to patients via email within 24-48 hours after collecting the sample.

Is a doctor’s prescription required to get a lab test at home in Mumbai?
To keep a regular check on the health status, lab tests play a vital role. For getting regular health check-ups, a doctor’s prescription is not necessary. You just
need to select the test you want to carry out and book your lab test at home appointment.

Where are you located? Can I go to any of your locations to have my tests done?
Healwell24 is one of India's advanced diagnostic service providers. Our NABL accredited labs provide high-quality reports that are trusted by top doctors and hospitals. We have a team of trained phlebotomists and experienced lab technicians to cater to your lab test at-home service needs with accuracy.
Healwell24 head office is established in Bhandup, Mumbai. You can either visit our head office to get your samples collected or use our lab test at home service to avail all of the benefits of a diagnostic centre and pathology lab without leaving your home.

Healwell24 provides comprehensive health screening packages for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation, and/or monitoring of chronic diseases as well as individual lab tests like complete blood count (CBC), HBA1C, Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, and TSH), Lipid Profile, Urine Test, CRP Blood Test, Cholesterol Test, Dengue Blood Test, Vitamin Test, Kidney Profile, and other tests at your convenience.