Before the COVID-19 pandemic, trips to the doctor’s office were considered necessary even for a regular cough or cold. However, when catastrophe struck, people were more hesitant and cautious about approaching clinics and hospitals with a fear of contracting the virus. 

Taking care of your health has become more vital than ever. Despite the presence of safety measures at clinics and healthcare centres, being extra cautious can prove to be beneficial. Here are 3 ways to ensure your safety while returning to your doctor’s office: 

Know when to seek care

That little cough is probably not a sign of alarm. Try to schedule at-home or virtual appointments for minor ailments. At the same time, don’t neglect serious health problems like respiratory or heart conditions. Consult your doctor over the phone before visiting.

Do your homework

Read up on new waiting room protocols, safety procedures and entry instructions. Wear a mask and carry your own sanitiser. Also, check for restrictions on people accompanying you and isolation measures for COVID-19 patients.

Post-appointment vigilance

Avoid contact with frequently touched surfaces like railings, or doorknobs, etc. Try to use no-contact payment options, and avoid touching the front of your mask or your face.

With a little caution and forethought, it’s perfectly possible to remain safe and healthy while visiting your doctor!

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