The year 2020 turned the term ‘normal’ on its head with the rise of COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the chaos, loss, and endless challenges emerged the collective spirit to dig deep and rise from the ashes. The new normal also meant new habits and routines that have mocked surplus former regimes.

With global lockdown in effect, homes turned into offices and lines between work and life have blurred. With this came the challenge of confronting one’s mental, physical and overall wellbeing. The focus swiftly and significantly shifted from the world outside to the world within. Here are some of these key habits from the ‘New Normal’ menu that are noteworthy.


  1. Focusing on Mental Health

New stressful environment due to pandemic condition at large meant learning new ways to tackle mental and emotional stress. Health and wellness app downloads soared, while therapist’s appointments ran full. New demographics are seeking help and support. The truth is that mental health has been an issue even before the pandemic, but this global problem has helped people realize its importance. Therefore, when we cross to the other side, mental health should continue to remain a focal point in your wellbeing.

2. Less Is More

The pandemic has helped us realize that we can survive, in fact, thrive with fewer options and choices. Creativity also peaks when forced to whip a scrumptious meal with limited supplies or make up a skincare regime using kitchen ingredients. The Less is More philosophy also keeps our greed in check, making it a habit as we move forward in this decade.

3. Learning To Stay Active At Home

An existing 4.5 trillion dollar global wellness industry recorded exponential growth in a pandemic. People turned to online fitness experts, nutritionists, doctors and medical professionals as they began to take their physical well-being seriously. Let’s not wait for another pandemic to boost our immunity but rather make it a long-term commitment to take care of our physical selves. The adage “health is wealth” is here to stay.

4. Family Recharge

Spending time with grandparents, parents and maybe even learning a new thing or two about their personality has been a refreshing and recharging change. It’s easy to ignore our support system when you’re stuck in the rat race and the pandemic brought an important reminder of giving time to those who truly matter.

5. The Work-Life Balance Formula

With homes turning into full-time offices, it became essential for many to draw the line and learn the importance of keeping professional lives and personal lives separate. While it does take two-to-tango, many employers are also coming around with hybrid work options of remote and office work since that spells a win-win situation for all!

6. Home-cooked Healthy Meals

With take-out options thrown out of the window during the lockdown and health being the name of the game, people opted for healthy food including scrumptious hot home-cooked meals. The trend of simple home-cooked meals should continue to maintain good health and become one of the most incredible things to practice.

7. Keeping up with the Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm being the new buzzword in the wellness industry, highlights everything your grandmother has been telling you – sleep early, wake up early, eat when the sun sets, and rise with the sun amongst other practices. With lockdowns forcing us to get into the right groove and people experiencing its many benefits, it should well continue.

8. Hygiene & Cleanliness

Sanitizing homes, keeping hands clean and observing other cleanliness and hygiene practices were a part of the past life too. However, the intensity of the pandemic actually motivated people to implement it in their lives because washing hands thoroughly could save lives. Whoever said ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ sure knew what they were speaking about.

9. A Student For Life

Online course platforms witnessed unparalleled growth during the pandemic, indicating that people are keen to sharpen their skills, learn and grow, and better prepare for the future. Being a student for life means you are consistently up-to-date, a necessary habit to continue in today’s ever-changing and dynamic world.

10. Coping With Challenges

With critical circumstances testing our mettle during the pandemic, many have shown incredible strength to go on and even supply strength to those around them. It will do well to hold on to this key life skill and inspire everyone around to keep going.

In the midst of it all, the pandemic forced us to introspect and brought us face-to-face with what truly matters and our purpose as a whole. It’s time to low-down on sticking with the correct practices that supplement our mental, physical and emotional well-being to run this marathon of life successfully.

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