DocsCampus, an India’s first doctor-patient networking platform is a new initiative to bring patients and doctor together online for better Treatment and Well-being.

From specialized medical experts, experienced healthcare providers to patients with indication or patient care provider connects together creating a web to interact, share, create awareness towards different Healthcare issues and solutions.

The increased demand for medical appointments and gap between treatment requirements is solved through services like Telehealth and Telemedicine. DocsCampus provides these services to more than 65 cities, including both rural and semi-urban areas. Whether lockdowns or movement restrictions, this online platform ensures that the quality of medical provisions is not compromised. 

Uncommon symptoms can be put across by both patients as well as other medical professionals for further recognition, leading to an increase in understanding. Instead of giving in to myths, DocsCampus initiates direct involvement of credible doctors. Whether homemade immunity boosters or successful clinical practices, it is best shared and verified by doctors.

DocsCampus tackles the continuing battle with Covid-19 through Internet Medical Tourism, product delivery options, one-on-one interaction, and such necessities that the world needs.

With the focus on the elevated facilities to patients and decreased miscommunication, DocsCampus is doctor-patient-centric, helping everyone involved.

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