Cancer is without a doubt one of the deadliest diseases affecting mankind. Patients and their care providers often feel stressed, anxious, and alone after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Minimizing feelings of isolation can be difficult, especially if you don't know anyone else who is going through what you are.

Disparities continue across the cancer care continuum, from screening to survivorship, despite

innovation and improvements in cancer diagnosis, prevention, and treatments. Systemic racism,

geographic disparities, cost of care, and poorer levels of prevention, screening, and early diagnosis are all variables that contribute to cancer disparities.

With the aim of supporting cancer fighters and survivors, DocsCampus- India’s Doctor-Patient Network provides a platform to bridge the care gap. It enables cancer patients to connect with the community of people impacted by cancers like them to connect and share their experiences.

What is DocsCampus?

India’s doctor-patient network offers a free service to patients, survivors, caregivers, and family

members. Registering on the platform enables you to gain access to the collection of helpful resources and the right set of healthcare services, Information about the new advances and latest treatments available, connect with the survivors, know about their journey, create groups on the platform to share how you feel, know how people like you are coping with the diagnosis and treatment, etc. “Because only he can understand your suffering, who is or has suffered the same.”

Is DocsCampus’s discussion platform safe and moderated?

Yes. Licensed healthcare professionals are at your service of keeping the platform moderated.

Docs Campuses patient community platform and groups are a safe place for you to share your experience through your cancer diagnosis to treatment journey. You may provide advice, coping tactics, inspiration, and more, all while building important relationships with people who understand your situation.

Your story can be an inspiration to someone who is finding it difficult to cope with the fact of being diagnosed with cancer and scared about how the future life and treatment would be. The uncertainty and anxiety that come with a cancer diagnosis can cause major disruption in nearly anyone’s life.

Although a wide variety of cancers is treatable, the deep-rooted fear of pain, suffering, and death still remains. The patient community platform aims to ax down the stigma of discussing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer to provide supportive care to cancer fighters and their caretakers.

When you create your account on DocsCampus, you get the freedom of choosing your username, which can be a true name or an anonymous name that will be displayed on the platform when you post. You also get an option of privacy setting to further protect your privacy.

How can the DocsCampus patient community support me?

DocsCampus is India’s first doctor-patient platform that aims to connect healthcare seekers with the right set of doctors and healthcare facilities. Being part of its patient community enables you to connect with patients like you suffering from the same disease or condition you are going through. You can share how you feel, seek treatment advice, ask or share about the nearby healthcare services in your locality, share your reviews about the doctors practicing in your area or healthcare facility available, etc.

DocsCampus patient community believes that community support is bigger than the fight with cancer or any life-threatening diseases, and your community is not just limited to the family and friends around you, but the whole world. As described by one of the patient community members” DocsCampus is my link to the rest of the world, my link to myself, and a place where I could be supported by others”. 

“Outgrow your support community, connect with patients and care-providers like you, to defeat the illness, to defeat cancer, together.”

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