Technology Enabled In-home Healthcare Sevices

About Us

About HealWell24

HealWell24 is a Technology Enabled In-Home Healthcare Aggregator. We are a Technology Platform bringing healthcare solutions like Doctor at Home, Nursing and caregiver services at home, Lab Test at home, MediClaim Policy etc. We aim at bringing disruptive solutions in Healthcare Internet Ecosystem by focusing upon AI Enabled symptoms Analytics & Diagnosis by Doc Care AI.

Healwell24 technology – DocCare AI

By integrating technology in to healthcare we ensure to bring the best of healthcare services to you so that patients have an easy, virtual way to connect with their doctors, ask questions and prevent avoidable hospital visits. Patients are more likely to have positive care outcomes when they get quality care with comfort.

Our Vision
  • Technology-Enabled
  • Reliable, Accessible and Convenient
  • Adhering to Best Practices in Medical Care
  • Quality In-Home Healthcare Services
Our Mission

HealWell24’s mission is to bring techno smart solutions in Healthcare for improved access and affordability in healthcare segment.

Meet The Co-Founders

Mr. JK Singha

Founder, MD & Group CEO

RK Ningthem Devi

Co-Founder, Director & Chief Process Officer

Yogesh Kumar

Co-Founder, COO & Product Head


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